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Tattoo Nebula is a vegan friendly private tattoo studio. 

A $150 non-refundable cash deposit  or etransfer is required to secure and book the tattoo date & start the design process.  

Hourly rate billed at $160/hour + gst

The deposit is used towards the final price of the tattoo. If you need to re-book your tattoo date you must contact Tattoo Nebula 48 hours before your appointment time. If you are late to your appointment you will be charged $35 after the first 15 minutes with no contact. If you fail to make contact or do not show up for your appointment your deposit is forfeit. 

We will start your appointment by going through the design while you ready yourself to receive your piece, you are welcome to bring a support person with you if you choose.

You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing; please ensure that you have been properly nourished and hydrated in preparation for your piece. Many people choose to meditate on their piece prior to the appointment or while the stencil is made.

The ultimate goal is your comfort before, during and after the tattoo process. Please make sure that you are properly prepared. 
I will tattoo for approximately 30 minutes before taking a short stretch and water break, this is also for you. 

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