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Thank you so much for expressing interest in getting a Colour Test! We are so excited about the positive response we have received from both individuals and the community as a whole.

There are a few things to know before proceeding with the booking process—

Firstly, please note that the Colour Test tattoo is a PERMANENT tattoo. The Colour Test will be a series colourful dots or lines (almost resembling a tiny rainbow) Once the colour test tattoo is complete-we will keep a record of which inks were used for future tattoo reference!

Secondly, we have a set of 3 different Colour Test Rainbows. (Please see photo below)
*ALL Colour Tests will also include white & black ink!
Though we have 3 predetermined rainbow swatches, if you have a specific colour pallet in mind for a future tattoo, please let us know so we can create a custom Colour Test for you! (*up to 10 inks!)

Lastly, before we go ahead with the booking process, we will need a little information from you:

Below is our Colour Test Application!
Please click on the link to fill it out.
Once we receive the Application back, we will contact you about a booking date.
(We will only be providing a limited amount of Colour Tests per month, so as to not overwhelm ourselves!)

We look forward to tattooing and meeting you! Thank you!

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